Why having a presence in Social Media matters?

Consider that there are more than 3 billion social media accounts in the world. That means you can reach half of the world’s population without even leaving your place.

Research says that people log in to their social media accounts at least once per day, and many people use their social media accounts quite often. Among all these, everyone who uses social media follow at least one brand on their social media.

Stats say - 3 billion people use social media & we say you can reach those 3 billion people just by using social media. Sounds fun? Follow the tips below and learn how to use social media effectively..


Increase brand awareness:

With half of the world’s population using social media, it is an effective place to reach your audience and find your potential customers.

Think people would only follow known brands on social media? Nope! You guessed it wrong. As social media is an effective advertising platform too; you can extend your reach. Stats say that 60% of Instagram users discover new brands.


When Absolut Vodka ran its social media campaign on Instagram, it achieved a five-point lift in brand awareness.

Social media allows you to connect with fans and followers. Most of the people on social media follow what engages them, entertains them, and educates them. Keep your content crisp and clear. Your followers will be glad to see your content in their newsfeed.

Increases website traffic:

Social media ads and posts are the key ways to drive traffic to your website. Posting engaging content and a call-to-action would galvanize people to visit your website or read your blog. Linking your website to social channels and promoting your blog content via social media will effectively make the audience to read your posts as soon as you publish.

Rather than being too promotional, you can seek your audience’s engagement by posting questions, polls, and chats. Just link your website address to your social media handles and posts; it guides people to your website who wants to learn more about you. Even better, you can use a pinned post to highlight your website.

Generate leads & boost sales:

Social media offers the simplest way for your audience to know about you and expressing their interest in your brand. Lead generation is one such notable advantage of social media.

No matter what you sell, social media finds the right customers for you. Your social account is your key fennel in your sales too. As the number of social media using people growing constantly and the evolution of social media tools make you hit the audience right.

Reporting and Analytics:

It’s always a tough challenge to prove ROI on marketing. But with social media, it isn’t a barrier anymore. Almost every social media platform provides analytics tools to know the reach, your social media account’s activity, and growth.

Tools like Google analytics and other track website traffic generated from social media, conversions, email sign-ups, and ROI for both organic and paid social media campaigns.

With successful Advertising, Branding, and Social Media Marketing experience, KL Ads will directly reach you to your audience.

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