Here are 10 tips on why a blog is important

Apart from giving your brand an online presence, a well-structured blog can bring engagement, traffic, reach, and leads to your brand. Your blog lets you stand amidst your customers & makes your brand reliable.

Whether it directly conveys your services to your customers or indirectly motivates them to get interested in your services, a blog plays a crucial role in your content strategy. A blog can help your customers in knowing about the services they need and the services you offer.

A business with blogs as part of its website has 434% higher chances of being ranked highly on search engines (Source: Tech Client). And there are more possible chances in getting new leads directly from your blog.


Here are 10 tips on why a blog is important in your content strategy:

  1. It provides engagement
  2. Helps in boosting SEO
  3. Builds loyalty
  4. Blogging is a long term strategy that isn't going away anytime soon
  5. Blogs open an opportunity in being transparent
  6. Blogging answers the question WHY?
  7. Blogging supports your other content strategies
  8. Positions your brand as an industry leader
  9. Engages new and existing customers
  10. It is affordable.


Blogging furnishes engagement:

Your blog answers to your prospective customers who are eager to research your product/service before buying. It drives engagement to your website as it helps people in knowing and analyzing what they need.

It helps in boosting SEO:

It is revealed that 75% of users do not navigate beyond the first page of search results. That directly communicates the businesses to customize their webpages to be more aesthetic, engaging and enriched with content.

Blogging builds loyalty:

Posting blogs lets your customers know that you care about them. Now or in the future, before buying a product or service, your customers will check that with you.

Blogging is a long-term content game:

Ignore the rumors! When YouTube and other video streaming services were rolled out, everyone concluded the end of blogging. Despite rumors, that never happened. Blogging never fades as people love art and interest in learning new things never dies. It never gives quick results because it holds it slowly and steadily.

Blogs open an opportunity in being transparent:

Apart from marketing benefits, blogging is known for building trust and transparency. There’s no better & honest way to communicate with your audience except a blog.

Blogging answers the question WHY?

Every brand has a WHY for its existence. Why do you offer those services? Why do you care? Why people should buy your services?

Your blog directly addresses and answers your audience.

Blogging supports your other content strategies:

You can link your blog with your other ways of postings. It helps in reaching more people. Sure, even if you have to diversify your content, a blog stands strongly in there.

Blogging positions your brand as an industry leader:

When you integrate a blog into your content marketing mix, it elevates your brand’s personality a few-notches higher. A well-structured & researched blog helps your audience to mark you as an industry leader.

It engages new and existing customers:

Whether you’re a startup or a mammoth, blogging holds your business's marketing and engagement. It educates your existing customers and engages new customers.

Blogging is affordable:

Blogging is an affordable, easiest, and innovative way to generate leads. You can define your content game based on your interests & market.

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